OPUS is an Inclusion Centre based onsite at Ball Green Primary School. The provision is for vulnerable pupils for whom mainstream education proves to be difficult and they require support on a smaller scale. OPUS aims to be a place where pupils are supported socially, emotionally and academically to prepare for reintegration into their class/cohort. We are passionate about all pupils fulfilling their potential and we provide a fresh start for all within a caring supportive environment.

OPUS staff will work to ensure that the education learners receive is tailored to meet their individual needs and designed to give them the skills to improve their life chances. It aims to develop pupils’ academic attainment alongside their social and emotional wellbeing. The development of learners’ personal integrity, self-esteem and citizenship is central to all work. We aim:

  • to develop learners’ educational and personal potential in a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment
  • to prepare learners’ for successful reintegration within school
  • to develop learners personal integrity and self-esteem
  • to identify and change aspects of behaviour that are contributory to difficulties experienced in school
  • to support the development of effective strategies to support attitudes to learning

The alternative provision OPUS is well managed.  Pupils are successfully reintegrated into mainstream schools because of the support provided.”  [Ofsted, Dec 2018]

OPUS provision effectively supports pupils at risk of exclusion.  It helps small numbers of pupils from across the local authority to prepare successfully for their return to classes in mainstream schools.”  [Ofsted, Dec 2018]

OPUS is a place where pupils can:

  • develop their educational and personal potential in a safe and supportive environment
  • make excellent progress in their learning
  • identify and change, with help if necessary, aspects of their behaviour contributory to difficulties experienced in school
  • prepare for successful reintegration with into their cohort

To realise these aims, staff are committed to:

  • creating a reflective, considerate and safe community where pupils can learn peacefully and be happy
  • providing a personalised curriculum made relevant by the assessed and identified needs of each pupil
  • teaching high quality sessions where the focus is upon pupils making academic progress

OPUS provision is accessible to pupils from schools across the city. Pupils access a 12 week placement which consists of 1 week of initial work with school, family and pupil, a 10 week placement [2 days per week at OPUS / 3 days in own setting with outreach support] and a 1 week re-integration programme. During the placement we work with families and provide family learning sessions and with schools in providing outreach sessions to develop the skills of staff in the primary setting.

We have worked with schools across the city and here is what they say about our provision:

‘The collaboration between us, as a school and the team at OPUS has led to a shared understanding of the child and the provision he needs and communicating this to parents’

‘Excellent communication – accurate , timely, supportive, easily accessible’

‘Excellent communication, great support throughout.’

‘The nurture element was essential for our pupil. The wider approach to issues regarding the family and counselling were also invaluable.’

For further information regarding referrals please contact the school office who will direct your query appropriately.