Our Policy

At Ball Green Primary School, we prepare our children for the future and support them in developing positive behaviours that will enable them to succeed later in life. Our Behaviour Policy is a Whole School Approach which has been written in conjunction with our stakeholders to ensure it is fit for purpose and fair for all.

We believe that it is important to reward good behaviour and challenge negative behaviour, with that in mind we have developed our policy. To find out more about our rewards and consequences in school please see the policy below.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities. It is a communication system for parents to update them on their child’s learning and progress. It connects teachers and parents. It is a way for teachers to communicate with parents by sharing photos and videos through the school day as well as awarding individual reward points. Parents and teachers can also message each other. Whole school messages are communicated on Class Dojo and it keeps our families up to date with the events in our school.

Class Dojo is used to reward children for their achievements and Dojo points are awarded, it also used to give consequences for poor behaviour choices when either Warning or Negative Dojo’s are given. Parents are notified immediately when Dojo’s are given to a child.

Each child collects Dojo’s in order to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. To find out more about the awards, see our Behaviour Policy above.