I love Ball Green Primary School because ………..

‘the teachers are kind and have lots of good ideas and they are helpful with children and give us treats’ Sophie Davies, age 8

‘we learn lots interesting things and we get to do lots of fun activities’  Sophie Ashley, age 11

‘the teachers are really nice and kind’ Gracie-Jane Smith, age 5

‘we read lots of stories. My favourite story is Naughty Peter Rabbit’ Alfie Bates, age 6

‘you have lots of friends you can play with’ Abi Rhodes, age 5

‘ we go on lots of trips. I like going on the minibus to the pantomime’ Matthew Hyde, age 6

‘of the teachers and the fun things we do.  I also like the trips and the nice children in the school, everyone’s really great and nice.  That’s what I like about Ball Green Primary School and my favourite teacher is Miss Durbar.  The learning is good.  We learn quite a lot at Ball Green’ Sasha Newbon, age 10.

‘it is a great school’ Ryan Sheeran, age 8

‘I like this school because we have lots of fun and do lots of fun activities.  Also we have really kind teachers.  We have a good education and the lessons are really good’ Georgia Guest, age 10

‘it is fun and we have got lots of new sport equipment and the chart is a good way to behave better, the i-pods are brilliant and gets us better at technology’  Thomas Hamilton, age 11

‘we do lots of creative stuff and we get to do lovely activities’Taila-Jo Bailey, age 9

‘we have got the best teachers and the best head teacher’ Amy Patterson, age 9

‘I like outdoor games and being in the woods’ Jack Austin, age 4

‘I like learning different things every day so I can teach my brother and sisters new things’ Leah-Louise Jordan, age 9

‘we get to learn and we have friends. It is good at school, we have nice teachers’ Harmony Wilson, age 8

‘the teachers are the best’ Ruby Bourne, age 6

‘I like the boat in our classroom’ Daniel Picken, age 4

‘my teachers are funny and give me cuddles’ William Pugh, age 4

‘my teachers are stars’  Lyra Gunn, age 9

‘my teachers are kind and they are beautiful, and I like the looks of the school and the classroom’  Kaidis Bowers, age 8

‘my favourite trip was the boats’  Ella Lyons, age 4

‘it is fun and very creative and is good for learning different things’  Jesica Bowers, age 9

‘I get to do PE’  Tyron Colclough, age 9

‘I can play with my friends.  All the class are my friends’  Caitlin Brown, age 5

‘because my teachers are lovely’  Lucy Maxwell, age 8

‘we have lots of fun but we still learn and we have i-pods and we always do cooking’  Charlotte Bates, age 10

‘I have lots of friends’  Elsie Kamili, age 6

‘we have lots of fun and all the teachers are fair to all of the students in the school’  Nicole Newitt, age 10

‘everybody is happy’  Tafira Sambizi, age 6