At Ball Green Primary School, we supplement our ‘Read, Write, Inc. Phonics’ provision with ‘Bug Club Phonics’ texts in order to bridge the transition from phonics into our whole school reading scheme.  We believe that familiarising children with the  artwork on the book covers along with the reading band identification and blurb on the reverse scaffolds independence and accessibility early on in our young readers lives.

Like ‘Read, Write, Inc. Phonics,’ the ‘Bug Club Phonics’ programme is validated by the DfE for the teaching of systematic, synthetic phonics and while it is not our agreed scheme for the teaching of phonics, it does enrich our library of text provision with 134 decodable readers [90 fiction and 44 non-fiction].

Bug Club Phonics brilliantly combines an online reading world with stunning eBooks or printed books, with:

Prepare and Assess online games;

A word generator;

And mock tests for the Year 1 screening check.

With the same great artwork as the books in a simple online interface, these eBooks are a great way to encourage even the most reluctant readers and they’re perfect for use at home too!

Bug Club Phonics Prepare and Assess:

Bug Club Phonics helps teachers and parents alike to prepare their children for the phonics screening check in June of Year 1.

Our school subscription, see the inside cover of your child’s ‘Home/School Diary,’ not only provides access to the wealth of texts highlighted above but it also offers tools to help children to familiarise themselves with the tricky concept of non-words with a selection of online games. See some games in action.

A handy book of mock tests, eases the children into the format of the Year 1 screening check so that they never feel out of their depth.

The fun word generator randomly creates phonetically decodable words for your children to practise.   See the word generator in action.

Bug Club Phonics cleverly incorporates familiar Cbeebies characters through videos  that demonstrate the correct pronunciation of a sound and the correct formation of its corresponding letter/s.  Animations and catchy songs are also available to help children remember what they’ve learned so far.  With online reading games, worksheets for writing practice and books and eBooks to read, there’s plenty for your children to enjoy through a world of reading.