At Ball Green Primary School, our school values are designed to promote a ‘Growth Mindset’ or a ‘Can Do’ attitude to learning.

These are underpinned by the ‘rights’ and ‘responsibilities’ that we all share when implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


At Ball Green Primary School, everyone . . .


espects that every individual has rights and that we all have a responsibility to uphold them;

E volves in character in order to become an active citizen who positively contributes to their community;

S upports each other through challenges in order to achieve any goal that they set for themselves;

P ositively engages in all learning experiences and builds happy, healthy and mutually respectful relationships;

E xcels because they understand the importance of effort, hard work and commitment;

C onfidently embraces their uniqueness and celebrates our diversity to create an inclusive school-community;

T enaciously takes risks, seeking to be challenged and learning from our First Attempts In Learning.