School Uniform

At Ball Green Primary School, we believe that everyone, both children and adults, should always look smart, be dressed appropriately and take pride in their appearance.  ALL children must wear the school uniform.

In wearing the Ball Green Primary School uniform your child will demonstrate their commitment to the Ball Green community.  When wearing the school uniform, every child will act as an ambassador for our amazing school, demonstrating their right to belong, their respect for themselves, each other and the wider community, and a responsibility to be ready to learn.

Our uniform has been created so that our children always look smart and ready to learn.  However, at Ball Green Primary School, we understand that purchasing a school uniform can be expensive and this is why we have kept our logo specific items to a minimum.  Our school jumpers, cardigans, ties, beanie hats and book bags are available locally from Motif Marketing or via their website

Other items of required uniform can be purchased from a range of supermarkets and retailers at very competitive prices.

  • Grey jumper/cardigan;
  • White shirt/blouse;
  • Tie;
  • Grey skirt/grey pinafore/grey trousers;
  • Green gingham summer dress;
  • Grey tights;
  • White socks;
  • Black shoes.

  • Grey jumper;
  • White shirt;
  • Tie;
  • Grey trousers;
  • Grey shorts;
  • Grey shocks;
  • Black shoes.


For Health and Safety reasons, it is imperative that careful consideration is given to the weather and sensible footwear is worn by all children. We require children to wear black shoes and NOT trainers, as these are not suitable to wear for long periods of time.

  • White T-shirt;
  • Black shorts;
  • Black pumps/trainers;
  • Black track suit / jogging suit;
  • Black swimming trunks or fitted shorts;
  • Black swimming costume;
  • Black swimming costume;
  • Goggles [permission from parents/carers must be given].

NB Please make sure that ALL clothing is clearly labelled with child’s name. (Sew-in labels or marker pen are ideal for this purpose).

Additional Dress Code


Children may wear watches. If your child does wear earrings they must be studs only and children must be able to remove the earrings themselves in order to take part in a PE lesson.

NB All children MUST take part in PE lessons.  Therefore, if your child is unable to remove their earrings you will be expected to come to the school to remove them in time for the PE lesson.

Make Up and Nails:

Children must not wear make-up, have nails painted or wear false nails.

Hair Colour:

If you are unsure whether a hairstyle would be appropriate or not, come in and ask the Headteacher BEFORE having it done.