In a recent survey [February, 2020] of children’s attitudes towards books and reading 84% of the children reported that they ‘loved reading.’

Authors such as Judith Kerr, The Brothers Grimm, Erich Kastner, Katherine Rundell, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Tom Gates, J.K. Rowling, add excitement, humour, mystery, adventure and some include “cliffhangers at the end of every chapter.”

81% of children read at least four times each week with 67% of children reading every day.

87% of children reported that our school has lots of enjoyable books for them to choose from.

84% of children reported that they read ‘at least’ well for their age and 59% of children reported that they read very well for their age or better than someone who was one year older or more.

When asked how their teachers support their reading, the children reported that teachers ask lots of questions about books and reading, pointing out the important parts of the book and using the images to help us to understand the events.  They help us to segment and blend words, they encourage us to slow down, to read the words on the page, to use expression to interest the listeners, to use the questions in tests to frame our answers, to compare different parts of the book for similarities and differences.

Although some children reported that their teachers couldn’t do any more to help them get even better at reading, they would like more opportunities to be listened to independently.  Those receiving interventions such as ‘Switch On’ enjoyed them and could see the benefit that it made to their reading and the progress that they were making.  Several children were motivated by the banding system and wanted to progress through it as quickly as possible so that they could read more challenging books.

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