These are some links that you may find helpful:

The Stoke-on-Trent Safeguarding Board includes a wealth of information for parents. It can help you to access support or with making a referral about someone you may concerns about:



The CEOP website is extremely useful when thinking about safeguarding children online. It has lots of useful information about how to protect children as well as the opportunity to report any inappropriate incidents which have happened online.


Click here for information on radicalisation and a helpline for any concerns you may have.

This provides information on the NSPCC and their partnership with O2 –

Pants/Underwear Rule Teaching Resources:

E-safety work

Net Aware – Tech advice for parents

A short film can be viewed at the following link –

Safeguarding children with autism – Please click on the below link for useful information on this subject, unfortunately the publication is currently not available in paper format but there is the following epub version available :

For support around Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: How To Get Help When You’re Scared Of The Consequences

Another useful service which help with a range of issues